Credit Check – to keep your records in check

Most financial organisations run a credit check before initiating any financial transaction with an individual, for instance, credit card issuers, bankers etc. These credit checks basically include the score of the individuals’ financial background determining whether he or she is creditworthy or not. To make a simple analogy, these are like the academic backgrounds required for admission into higher programs or a different college. Maintaining a good credit score thus improves all chances of a brighter financial future. This indicates that a person is responsible and careful about his financial transactions and is a positive aspect of every financial evaluation.

What does a credit check include?

This is one of the frequently asked questions. What actually does this credit check include? Well, it includes the check of an individuals’ name, address, financial background and credibility in terms of previous transactions. So it is necessary to be true to your financier for them to run an appropriate credit check.

How can I know my credit scores?

Now that the importance of credit score is understood, everyone would want to know their personal credit scores. But how do you get to know your credit scores? That is what is credit check is for. Provide us with your personal details and we take everything forward from them. We deliver your credit score, credit history and credit report together in the least possible time and with accurate results.

Is credit check confidential?

Absolutely! Credit check is completely confidential. We respect the personal space of our clients and are very particular about our privacy policy. So do not worry about tour credit reports being used for any other purpose except your review.

Why do I need to check my credit score?

Credit scores as mentioned previously are your gateway to a good financial reputation. This why one needs to make sure that his or her credit scores are good. A regular check therefore helps keep your financial reputation in check!