How Often Should You Get A Credit Report?

How often should you get a credit report? It is a big decision. Even checking it can affect your score so make sure you know the rules before you investigate your own history. Usually, it is free to get one report for your own credit per year. This is a wise thing to do to makes sure your identity has not been stolen. This happens much too often.

Identity theft has become more common in recent years. Scammers and hackers want to steal your identity to qualify for credit cards. Agencies can help protect you from this type of things, but you must pay them. They can help repair damaged score and communicate with you when there is suspicious activity.

The three bureaus must give one free report per year. It is best to space these out so you can see changes to your score. You can dispute anything you do not agree with. You can write a letter saying you disagree and they must reply back so resolution can begin. Many companies where you may have a balance due may charge you more than they are supposed to. There are dishonest people out there who will do what they can to get what they can. These predatory actions are wrong and you should be assertive and honest with all of your dealings with them.

It is a good idea to look at your history three times per year. Every four months, you can get a free report and then you can pay a nominal fee to do it even more often. You may be able to get your bank to periodically check for you to inform you of what is going on with your credit. This can even be done monthly and a small fee will come out of your bank for their services.

If you are making a major purchase such as a home or car, clear up any issues about six months prior to applying for the loan. Banks will look at your history and the smallest debts on there can keep you from the big items you may want or need. It may take even longer than the six months especially if you have blemishes that must be cleared up first. Be patient as this is a big process and if you have made bad choices in the past, do not be hard on yourself if it takes longer than you want.

After you dispute anything you disagree with, the bureau must update your records. If this is favorable to you, you may resubmit your application to see if you have been approved if you were declined in the past. How often should you get a credit report? There are variable answers to this and you must pick the right one for you.