5 Easy Money Saving Tips

If you find your budget under pressure and your income stretched, it might be time to start looking on where and how you can start saving money. Here are our top tips.

1. Save money on your petrol bill and vehicle maintenance:

  1. Don't drive in rush hour traffic.
  2. Use your own car less by car pooling or using public transport.
  3. Combine your shopping trips to minimise car usage.
2. Save money on your electricity bill:
  1. Turn down your geyser thermostat.
  2. Install a geyser timer (R200-R300).
  3. Cover your geyser with a thermal blanket.
  4. Turn the all appliances not in use off at the wall.
  5. Only boil as much kettle water as you need.
3. Save money around the house:
  1. Start your own vegetable garden.
  2. Make your own baby food (like they did in the old days).
  3. Make some homemade sweets instead of buying.
  4. Make your own gifts like scented candles.
  5. Make your own dog food.
5. Save money by changing your habits:
  1.  Create a monthly budget and monitor your spending.
  2. Stop impulse buying, plan for what you need.
  3. Stop creating debt, put away the credit cards.
  4. Eat out less and cook more meals at home.
  5. Get a few quotes on your car and home insurance.

Small incremental changes add up, a few hundred rands saved every month can add up to thousands at the end of the year, so start my making small changes today.

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