5 Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

Improve your credit profile by by following these quick and easy tips. 

1. Track your credit history and dispute errors:

Mistakes happen, and lenders might not list that you have paid on time or at all. Keep track of your credit history and dispute any errors as soon as you see them.

2. Always negotiate your debt:

If you find yourself over extended, go and speak to the lender and try and negotiate either a lower capital repayment, interest rate or a longer term. It's always better to negotiate your debt rather than fall behind on payments.

3. Check your reported credit limits

Make sure that the credit limits reflected in your credit profile are correct. If the limits reported are too high it will appear that you have more debt and will lower your score.


 4. Pay your bills ahead if time

If you pay your bills ahead of time, even by just a few days this will show on your credit history and will show potential lenders that you are a good payer.

5. Always under use your credit limits:

Never use your full credit limits as this will show that you don't over extend yourself and that you manage your credit actively.